1-MCP on mango

Efficacy of 1-MCP in delaying mango ripening appears to be dependent the storage temperature of treated fruits.

Postharvest management of mangoes is important to their successful marketing. The most critical factor affecting the postharvest shelf life of mangoes is their temperature management. The temperature range of 20 to 25 ℃ will result in fruit of the best appearance, palatability, and decay control when ripening mangoes. Mangoes can be held at 10 to 15℃ to extend their shelf life. Holding mangoes outside these temperature ranges will result in fruit with less than optimal quality, and can injure the fruit.
The ripening rate can be accelerated by the treatment of mature-green mangoes with 100-ppm ethylene for 24 hours. Relative humidity of 90 to 95% should be maintained during all postharvest handling steps to minimize water loss and shriveling of mangoes.